Governing School Board/Superintendent

Joanne ConlinMichell MarinelliJolynn SchinstockBarbara Underwood Board MemberAudrey Hogue - Board Member
Linda Gibson, Superintendent


Vision Statement

"The Payson Unified School District Community will develop well-rounded learners inspired to excel."

Mission Statement

"We are committed to excellence by cultivating the unique skills and abilities of all learners to reach their greatest potential through challenging and engaging experiences and opportunities within a caring environment."

Core Values

Balance: A commitment to provide diverse opportunities to develop well-rounded individuals.

Caring: Showing kindness, concern, and compassion to all, while encouraging excellence in learning.

Excellence: Achieving the highest attainable level in any endeavor.

Innovation: A willingness to adapt in order to incorporate creative and advanced methods of thinking, teaching and learning.

Passion: A positive connection to learning that is contagious and fosters enthusiasm.

Unity: A commitment to work as a team to make collaborative decisions regarding shared goals across the district while respecting the perspectives of all stakeholders.

PUSD Policy Manual

Governing Board Agendas

Public Participation at Board Meetings 

The Payson Unified Schools Governing Board is scheduled to meet on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the District Office Board Room at 902 W. Main Street. Agendas are posted on the bulletin board on the exterior of the building a minimum of 24 hours in advance of each meeting and as a link on this page. Regular and Special Board meetings are open to the public. The Board may go into Executive Session during any meeting. Due to the nature of the agenda items discussed in Executive Session, this part of the meeting is not open to the public. Those wishing to address the Governing Board at a meeting must complete a “Request to Address the Governing Board” form, available here or in the Board Room prior to all regular Board meetings. Due to state open meeting laws, Governing Board members may not respond to items that are not already on the agenda.