Private School/Home Schooled Meeting

Dear Private School Administrators and Parents of Home Schooled Students:

We hope that the beginning of this school year has been filled with as much enthusiasm and excitement as we see in our schools in the Payson Unified School District (PUSD). We are committed to working with you with disabilities who reside within our District’s attendance boundaries ensure they receive an equitable share of IDEA funds.

As you are aware, the PUSD engages in a “child find” process to identify parentally placed children with disabilities attending private schools or home schools who may be eligible for special education or other related services and to provide services for those students according to the District’s proportionate share plan. You are invited to attend a consultation  meeting on

July 9, 2018 at 1:00 pm so that you can provide input to help us develop our proportionate share plan. The meeting will be held at the Payson Unified School District office located at 902 W. Main Street, Payson, AZ.

At this meeting, we will review program participation, and the process for referring students with suspected disabilities who are not making adequate educational progress for further screening and possible evaluation.  As a community of education providers, we will establish priorities for providing a proportionate share of services to eligible students. It is our intent to ensure meaningful consultation occurs during this time, so please return the bottom portion of this letter to confirm if you will be able to attend.


Michelle Warburton

Michelle Warburton, M.Ed

Director of Special Services