Preschool Startup


The First School Steps Preschool program offers free screenings once a month for children between the ages of 2 years, 9 months and 5 year olds that are not eligible for kindergarten. Children are screened for vision, hearing, cognitive (thinking skills), communication, social/emotional, motor skills, adaptive and self-help skills. 

Children that receive a red light after screening are scheduled for further evaluation. Children who meet state criteria for eligibility and are at least 3 years old may be eligible for our Special Needs Preschool Program.


Comprehensive Developmental Assessments are conducted to determine Preschool eligibility, present levels of performance and to assist in placement decisions made by the Multidisciplinary EvaluationTeam. 

The evaluation team consists of state and/or nationally certified caring professionals. One or more of the following team members may evaluate your child: 

*School Psychologist
*Speech-Language Pathologist
*Occupational Therapist
*Physical Therapist
*Vision Specialist


To qualify for Special Education Preschool services, a child must exhibit a developmental delay based on the evaluations given. Categories of preschool eligibility are: 

*Preschool Speech Language Impairment
*Developmental Delay
*Preschool Severe Delay
*Vision Impairment
*Hearing Impairment

If a child is found eligible to receive Special Education services and parent consents to Initial Placement into Special Education, and Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be created.