Heroes of Public Education: PCS Volunteer Group

Heroes of Education: PCS Volunteer Group
Posted on 01/10/2017
PCS Volunteer GroupThe PCS Volunteer Group, has really stepped up, and made a difference with all of our PCS students.

Joanna Caroll (Middle)

Joanna has been volunteering within the Payson Unified School district since her children were small from teaching art classes at various levels, to working at Bookfairs, Homecoming Parades, Prom and other Dances. She has been a Parent Advisory Board member, worked with the Gear Up program, and coordinated local and regional ACADEC competitions. She continues to volunteer today at PCS. She has many gifts and talents beginning with her artistic abilities and strong desire to work with kids which clearly shines through.

She has been working with students at PCS for the past three years teaching a pull-out art class where students have learned a great deal from her teaching and experience. She has put in a tremendous amount of hours over the years and still today expresses how much she is grateful to be able to work with amazing students. PCS greatly appreciates you Joanna for your generosity over the years and hopes that you will continue to work with students for years to come.

Mike Wilson (Middle Right)

Mike the Math Guy - and science too - has been helping at PCS since last spring. He was recruited through Rotary and offered up by his wife Mary.

A retired engineer who makes a quiet but powerful impact on the students who he assists as well as the staff.

It is said that Mike was born to be an engineer. His mother used to tell a story that at about 5 years old, he took apart an alarm clock and reassembled it. He built home-made bicycles, scooters and other gadgets as a kid as well. Mike and his wife Mary have been in Payson for 2 years. He's a wonderful family man, kind to everyone and loves to learn about everything, nothing seems to escape his interest! He's the guy who over-tips at restaurants, helps a neighbor with groceries month after month, and always quietly steps up.

Which has been clearly shown with his giving heart at PCS.

William ‘Mr. Bill’ Smith (Middle Left)

This is Mr. Bill’s 21st year volunteering at PCS. He retired from education in California and made Payson his home thereafter. He has spent his time at PCS working with students on positive thinking to create positive outcomes in their lives, naming his class ‘The New You’. PCS is unable to even estimate the number of students that Bill has touched over the years in one way or another. Bill not only teaches his class to our young adults but has also spent numerous hours cheering them on at Unity day, participating in their holiday and year end celebrations as well as been in attendance at every graduation ceremony since the beginning. He is with PCS at break every Tuesday and Thursday to share words of wisdom that he lives by and expresses as food for thought for all students and staff in which the staff is grateful to have him on their team.