Heroes of Public Education: Dennis and Kathy Duker fromDuker Ranch

Heroes of Public Education: Dennis and Kathy Duker from Duker Ranch
Posted on 01/24/2018
Dennis and Kathy DukerThe Town of Payson is blessed with many non-profit organizations that help out our community in so many ways. Many of these non-profits make a special effort to support the children of our community. Dennis and Kathy
Dueker run one of these non-profits, Dueker Ranch, and many children in the Payson Unified School District are the lucky recipients of the kind hearts of Dennis and Kathy. Dueker Ranch provides free Equine therapy for children with special needs. Dueker Ranch uses specially trained horses to provide therapy to children with a wide variety of disabilities. This type of therapy makes use of riding horses as an effective way of providing physical and emotional therapy, as well as psychological benefits to patients, especially children.

The most amazing part of the program is that through the generosity of Dueker Ranch children are able to access the program free of charge. The Payson Roundup, in an article in 2016, quoted a parent of the benefits of the program. This mother described the benefits of the program which include physical, confidence, listening skills, companionship, and communication. The purpose of the HEROs of public education is to highlight individuals or groups that help our students. Many times this help is quietly done out of a true love of children. Dennis and Kathy Dueker epitomize what it means to truly be a HERO of Public Education. They saw a need to help children and
they went about making a difference for children. Their kindness towards children truly demonstrate that they are HEROs of public education and HEROs to many of the children in our schools.