Heroes of Public Education:NPS&USFS

Heroes of Public Education: NPS & USFS
Posted on 05/24/2017
Payson Unified School District has frequently worked with the US Forest Service - Tonto National Forest Payson District and the National Park Service - Tonto National Monument. The Tonto National Forest conducts annual presentations to our students on forest fires and recreational use of the forest, in addition to offering volunteer opportunities for our students to learn about the maintenance and support of our forest ecosystem. The Tonto National Monument hosts guided field trips for our students in 4th and 6th grade to introduce them to the ancient cliff dwellings and the ways of the Salado peoples.

Payson Center for Success has recently formed a partnership with the two entities to bring hands on experiential learning to our students. Tonto National Monument activities supported by this partnership introduced PCS students to how the land in the Tonto Basin region was used by ancient civilizations. Through our work with the Tonto National Forest, students came to understand how the land in the same area is used today. With the Forest Service, students learned about range management, the building of Roosevelt Dam and wildlife conservation.

The rangers of both the Tonto National Forest and the Tonto National Monument planned information packed hands-on activities, both on-site and in the field for PCS students. They prepared and planned with each-other and PCS staff to allow their experts to bring meaningful learning experiences to the freshmen of PCS. Their participation in this partnership and support of project based learning has allowed PCS students to dig deeper in areas of content that are interesting to each individual student. The work of the Tonto National Forest and the Tonto National Monument are a great examples of how meaningful hands-on opportunities can positively affect student learning. For their partnership with Payson Center for Success and their work with all PUSD students, we recognize the rangers of the Tonto National Forest and the Tonto National Monument as HEROES of Public Education.