Heroes of Public Education: AZ Project WET

Heroes of Public Education: AZ Project WET - Brenda Huff and Jake Burdick Town of Payson Water Department
Posted on 11/15/2016
AZ Project WETFor the past ten years the Town of Payson Water Department and the Extension Services of the University of Arizona has worked with JRE 4th graders to put on the AZ Water Festival. This relationship is the long running program in the state. The Water Festival is a 2 hours of interactive lessons focusing on Groundwater, Watershed, Water Conservation and the Water Cycle. These lessons are aligned with the AZ Academic Standards for 4 th Grade. Teachers provide activities prior to the festival and conduct a pretest and post test to make the students gain a strong understanding of the concepts. A real strength of the festival is the connection to the community. This event could not be held without volunteers from around the community. The event utilizes up to forty-five (45) volunteers including students. Mrs. Rustagi’s honors chemistry students volunteer to help. Through the dedication of Brenda Huff, the Town of Payson Water Department , Extension Services from University of Arizona, community volunteers and our students the 4 th grade students at JRE have learned important hands on lessons about water conservation. For her work and help to our student for the past decade we want to recognize Brenda Huff as a HERO of Public Education.