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Barbra Allen
Office Technician II

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Payson High School

Barbra Allen began working for Payson High School in 2023 as an Administrative Assistant-Tech II position. She grew up in Arizona and has lived in Payson since 2019. She and her husband have worked together running a successful Heating and Cooling Business as well as a Gutter Installation business. Barbra’s original background is in Construction and General Industry Occupational Safety and Health where she managed the safety teams on large scale projects such as Intel, Facebook, and Mayo Clinic. She specialized in interpreting OSHA State and Federal Regulations and teaching employees in various trades around the country about these often complex guidelines. This was one of the things she enjoyed most, educating others and assisting them in understanding and complying with regulatory guidelines. In her spare time, Barbra loves hiking, reading, music, and spending time with her family. She loves nature and is passionate about the environment and wildlife. She takes an active role in respecting and preserving these as she enjoys the beautiful outdoors of Northern Arizona and all the places she has the opportunity to visit in our great country.


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