Superintendent's Message

Important Items from the Superintendent's Desk

Dear Payson Community Residents, 

As we move forward in an era of unprecedented times, Payson Unified School District (PUSD) remains dedicated to maintaining the opportunities that bring vitality and depth to the PUSD experience.  PUSD has long been recognized for outstanding achievements using a variety of indicators.  These areas are widespread and speak for themselves about the breadth of resources and opportunities for students.  This is evident in these areas, such as being nationally recognized by the Flip Flippen Group for our diligent efforts in creating a positive school culture to meet social and emotional needs through Capturing Kids’ Hearts and being globally recognized as a Google Reference District through innovative technology. 

The dilemma we currently face within our options to reopen and the ability to meet our community’s needs and desires is not ideal nor was it predictable.  We continue to seek avenues to be back with our young ‘Heroes’ in person and on a daily basis.  Our desire, which is the driving force of our goals, is to provide the support necessary for each student to see and reach his/her ‘Hero’ potential within him/herself.  To do so, we may find ourselves taking ‘two steps forward and one step back’ and will refuse to view this as set back. Instead, we will reframe it as a ‘Cha-Cha’, as stated by our Special Education Director, Lisa Evans.  We will ‘Cha-Cha’ throughout the year, if this is what it takes, with the belief that it takes one step at a time, it will get better, and a sense of normalcy will return.  

We are very grateful to the community for its steadfast support of public education. As with student success, this support can be measured in part through quantitative indicators such as tax dollars and test scores, however, and most importantly, is your belief in and commitment to providing diverse opportunities for children to learn, lead, succeed and become ‘Heroes’. 

Thank you for your patience, trust, support, and confidence in us when we say we are truly working with our students’, Payson’s future leaders’, best interest at heart. 
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With Warm Regards,
Linda Gibson, Superintendent

Linda Gibson Superintendent